In this in depth interview with local realtor Michele Garcia, we talk about costs, timeline, design, pitfalls, and so much more. Thanks to Michele for the invite!

About North Ridge

2:14 North Ridge Background

3:57 Client Relationships

4:45 NRC True Custom

What does the Customer need to know when building a new construction?

6:00 Beginning Stages

-Budget/Land/Home/Future Considerations

9:59 Why Design with my Builder?

-Purchase Plans vs Architecture

12:36 Production Builder vs Semi Custom

Financing & The Building Process

15:10 Northwest Design Style

– Custom build means accommodating the land & location

16:42 Pricing Volatility

-Impacts cost, value of itemized budget

18:06 Financing through a Lender vs Builder

18:51 Finance Process

-Lender/Builder/Client – start to finish

Local Design Trends

20:05 What’s happening in Design?

-Pacific Northwest Design vs. Rugged Montana, what to expect in Idaho

– Exterior colors, hardware colors, exterior materials

26:10 Trends in Color

– Hardware, lighting & plumbing fixtures

26:43 Supply Issues

– Impacts product availability and ultimately design choices

28:08 Back Orders

– Reselect materials vs waiting, impact to occupancy date

34:36 Space Planning Tends

-Work from home, separate offices vs bedroom offices

– Customers are retirees, 80% of new residents are 65+yrs old

– 2500 to 3200 sqft of living space

What to know about Challenges with New Construction?

38:23 Building Mistakes for the Customer to be aware of

43:27 Every Builder is Different

– Healthy allowances vs. change orders

45:00 Building on Waterfront

-Land questions, underground water and mitigation solutions

-Building on a hillside

49:20 Location/Milage

– Impact Builder/SubContractor availability

51:20 Importance of Builder/Customer Relationship

-Professionalism within the industry