The Custom Home Design Process

Building a home involves a multitude of decisions and can seem like a daunting task for many. The common question that arises is, “How do we even start?” This is a question we encounter frequently, and in response, we’ve created a detailed video to walk you through the entire process step by step.

In this informative video, Jessica takes you on a journey through the creation of a custom home design, starting from the initial concept all the way to the final stages.

Phase One: Plan Design

The first crucial step is the development of the floorplan, where a simple idea transforms into detailed plans that are ready for approval. This begins with the “one line” stage, where we draw out adjacencies and determine the overall flow of the home. Revising with you as we go, once we finalize the concept of the home, we will move into engineering and structural components, while we begin to build out the budget. During this stage, we will discuss your vision for finishes, so we can ensure everything is planned out accordingly!

Phase Two: Permitting and Lending

Moving forward, we explore the pivotal stages of obtaining permits and securing loans, which are essential to turning the dream of a home into a tangible reality. This involves navigating through the necessary paperwork and financial aspects to pave the way for the construction process. Our aim is always to make this timeline as efficient as possible, keeping both processes running simultaneously. Once permits are in hand and funding is in place, it’s time to start building!

Phase Three: Construction and Selections

With permits issued, and funding ready, we get to break ground! This is the exciting stage when foundation, framing and all of the fun begins. While the site is being prepped, our design team works with you to determine all of the details of your finish selections.

In the video, Jessica delves into the Interior Selections stage, a significant phase where every detail that contributes to the home’s aesthetic appeal is carefully chosen. This includes selecting colors, materials, and other elements that come together to define the unique style of the home.

As these decisions solidify, our streamlined production process comes into play, seamlessly integrating each aspect of planning to craft a finished product that resonates with the satisfaction of our customers. The culmination of this process is the moment when we proudly hand over the keys to the homeowners, marking the realization of their dream home—a truly exhilarating experience.

For those who find themselves uncertain about where to commence their home design journey, this video offers valuable insights into our meticulous processes. It unravels the reasons behind our approach, providing a comprehensive understanding of the significance of each stage.

Embarking on the path toward a custom home may initially feel overwhelming, but taking a moment to grasp the intricacies of the process and seeking guidance from experts can transform the journey into a manageable and fulfilling experience, ultimately bringing your unique vision to life.

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